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Our Company

Baintek is a certified provider of Information Technology (IT) services and solutions for all sized businesses in different industries. With our expert consultants and technicians, Baintek has expertise in nearly all technologies and industries.
Baintek is committed to providing unparalleled IT services to organizations in a wide variety of industries that want to optimize their technology and business processes.
We deliver proven IT expertise, capabilities and experience to overcome whatever challenges your organization faces.
Technology services from Baintek are designed, created and implemented with your unique business needs in mind, so you know you’ll see a return on your IT investments today and in the future.
Our technical team will meet with you to identify and note down the problems you have been facing in your business. We will then study and analyze your problems and come up with an innovative and unique solution tailored to your specific business. 
We will help you get a perfect IT solution using the latest tools and technologies, along with a proof of concept for your business. In short, our IT experts walk with you hand in hand right from consultation and ideation to implementation.
We promise to be service today as we were yesterday.

Our Mission

We are proud to have a reputation of excelling in customer service, providing cost effective fit for purpose proactive solutions and ensuring we treat our customers IT Infrastructure as our own. As a team, we equally care for all customers requirements, large or small.​

A Little More About Baintek

IT , by nature is a challenging concept. The industry moves at a rapid pace and technologies we are familiar are changing on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. Our goal is to ensure our customers IT is managed with these changes in mind. Not necessarily upgrading because something is new, but more to ensure customers are aware of the positives and negatives to ever changing technological advancements.  All in an easy to understand manner.

Your unique experience with Baintek is not limited to but WILL include:

Cost effective IT

Solid customer relationships

Ongoing Communication

Professional Back-up & Support

Best practice IT solutions

A simple and reliable end user experience

On top of all this, with advanced endpoint monitoring technologies and our Baintek Protect suite of solutions, we are confident we can supply the proactive IT services our customers expect and deserve.

Our customers are happy to share their experience relying on Baintek as their IT partner. Ask us for more details.


Protects Your Business

As Service providers with an objective to deliver tailored services to our esteemed client, we ensure that we provide customised solutions to your diverse needs. Customisable IT infrastructure, customisable cloud support and more is what you get.

Beauty is not all it takes for efficiency. As much as we love that splendours of aesthetics, we are beyond that. Our IT solutions, services and support system are responsive to queries and data searches.

We have a team of highly trained professionals from various fields in the Business IT world. We understand what it takes to build a sustainable business. Our departments handle different IT issues individually, with the most capable hands always ready to help.

Baintek IT Solutions

Based in Perth, our aim is to provide you flexible best practice Managed IT Solutions, in an agreed timeframe for small to medium businesses at reasonable pricing.  Contact us today with your IT query.  We look forward to meeting you.

1c / 41 Holder Way

Malaga, WA, 6090

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