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Is Your IT Cooperating With Your Daily Business Flow?

If you are like most small to medium business, the IT infrastructure, without any real planning, has been built up and maintained as needed in stages over the years.

If somethings breaks you attempt to repair. If parts are not available you replace.

This is commonly referred to as a reactive or break fix in the IT world.. The obvious downside to the reactive approach is downtime while things are broken and the unknown cost associated with diagnosis and repair. This means you lose business productivity in most cases. 

While common, this approach over time can become clutter to management, can actually hinder your business goals and distract staff from their core job roles.

The preferred method, the proactive approach is keeping IT maintained and monitored in such a a way that issues are sourced before they become IT downtime. In most cases this ensure business productivity is not affected.

Do you or your staff really have time to manage IT related tasks such as examples below?

  • IT inventory management

  • software licencing

  • cloud SAAS or PAAS subscription maintenance

  • domain details

  • webhosting

  • software patching 

  • firmware upgrades

  • security

  • password management

  • account permissions

  • antivirus monitoring

  • backups and disaster recovery

  • IT infrastructure monitoring and maintenance

More importantly, with IT security and threat management more important than past, are you convinced tasks such as these are managed with vendor best practice IT process?

Baintek Protect Manged IT solutions by default includes our Threat Protect and Remote Monitoring and Maintenance which allows our support team via a single pane of glass to have visibility your IT infrastructure health.

Also of compliment to our default product is our job ticketing system, which can accessed by most users from the desktop, emailing our support or by telephone.

All this with monthly reporting so you know exactly what is happening within your IT infrastructure.

Why try to keep up to date and worry about tasks such as above when for a fixed monthly cost utilising our Baintek all-inclusive flexible support packages we can handle this and more for you.

For an idea on the monthly costing for Baintek Protect Managed IT Services,

please see our support cost calculator

Whether you are a business that is evaluating Managed IT Services for the first time or looking for an IT Managed Services Partner change, feel free to contact us for an IT Health check.

Worry less, keep working with Baintek Protect Managed IT Services. We can clean and finish your unplanned network making it a managed and protected IT environment.

Baintek IT Solutions
Baintek IT Solutions
Baintek IT Solutions

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