IT Infrastructure

IT Acquisition

Hardware & Software purchases are no problem. Baintek has partnerships with multiple IT suppliers that allows us to pass on savings and provide a single point of contact to our customers for future IT acquisition. 

IT Installation

Utilising our IT Aquistion partnership allows us to play with many new IT products. With many years in the IT industry, nothing is more rewarding to us than unwrapping a new piece of IT equipment, configuring and presenting the working end result to our customers. Mesh WIFI is our latest cool technology that customers are excited to be presented as well as fully configuring a network camera system integrated using a POE switch with a dedicated PVR server. (See, proof we easily get carried away..)

IT Office Relocation

Moving office or relocating? 

Baintek IT Solutions have you covered. Here at Baintek IT Solutions we make your IT Relocation a seamless and hassle free operation. Our staff have a vast range of experience in all things IT. This gives us the Know-how to ensure your office is moved and relocated within one easy step. Most of all we do it securely to prevent important digital data-loss and reduce IT downtime.

Cloud Integration & Migration

Cloud integration can be a tricky transition if not planned and implemented correctly. Baintek has been migrating Microsoft Exchange users to Office365 since 2012 and have many years of expererience to compliment our skillset. Since 2012, Office 365 has expanded in services and functionality to which we have an indepth understanding per business suitablity. Added to this is Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and plenty of data migrations for hyrbird or full cloud configurations. Baintek understands cloud technologies and you can be assured we can make the transition, no matter how big or small a smooth one.

Baintek IT Solutions
Baintek IT Solutions
Baintek IT Solutions

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Baintek IT Solutions

Based in Perth, our aim is to provide you flexible best practice Managed IT Solutions, in an agreed timeframe for small to medium businesses at reasonable pricing.  Contact us today with your IT query.  We look forward to meeting you.

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