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Business IT Support

Do you want an IT Support Partner that offers a proactive approach to deliver IT Solutions and guidance in an easy to understand manner and that can assist your growing company to succeed?

If the answer is YES  then we will provide 7 reasons why outsourcing your business IT services to Baintek makes sense.

Allowing You to Concentrate on Your Business

Trusting your IT environment is in safe hands allows you to focus on your core business allowing you to reach those goals and feel secure that the tools you require (in this case your IT infrastructure) are running at optimal performance.

Access to Industry Professionals

IT professionals in Australia are very expensive and becoming rare to find with specific specialist skillsets due to shortages in the industry. Outsourced IT providers can provide the very best IT consultants with expertise in technologies such as Office 365, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and many more which allows the job to done correctly at only the hours they are really needed.

Proactive Real-Time Remote IT Monitoring and Management

I'm sure you agree, it's much better to detect and prevent an IT incident from occurring before it happens, not scramble to fix it after its occurred. Baintek Protect Real-Time Remote Monitoring and Management, with its single pane of glass view, allows our Help desk staff to be alerted to any issues, normally before you would know using the best tools available. The tools costs are spread across all clients monthly invoicing to ensure all clients receive the best tools at the best pricing.

24 / 7 Support

Chances are you business isn't a 9-5 operation. Having access to IT support when you need it is critical for most businesses. 

Access to the Latest Technology & Advice

Part of being a MSP is to ensure we are up to date with the latest technology offerings.  Utilising Baintek as your IT partner will ensure you have personel at hand to provide the latest and best fit technology infromation for your business.

Cost Effective IT Management

When you add up all the tasks an MSP provides to look after customers IT Infrastructure and weigh it against the time taken by management and staff to half handle the same tasks, more than likely without the certification and experience behind them, engaging a Managed Services IT provider just makes sense.

Productivity, Efficiency, Reporting

IT service providers need to be efficient to succeed. Being efficient allows us to provide the very best responsive IT support and solutions to our customers. Combining our efficient productivity with reporting allows full visibility to our clients on a monthly basis of ticketing and service requests from start to finish.

Baintek IT Solutions

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Founded in 2012, Baintek has built solid relationships with its business customers best interest in mind. Formed as a break-fix style IT provider, we found over the years our customers loyalty enabled Baintek to become a Managed Services IT company. Today, we still service a majority of our original break-fix customers who naturally converted over to our Managed Solutions offerings and new customers who finally found an IT Partner in Baintek they can rely and trust.

Backup and Disaster Recovery is arguably the most important solution to be implemented within your IT environment. The unfortunate reality is that more often than not,  like an insurance policy, people only think about it after an incidents occur. Like an insurance policy, if you don't have the right cover, the the policy (or in this case the solutions) could be useless. Baintek have taken the hard work out of understanding how Backup and DR should work, bundled these terms into a new product and called it Business Continuity Protect.

Do you want an IT Support Partner that offers a proactive approach to deliver IT Solutions and guidance in an easy to understand manner and that can assist your growing company to succeed?

If you are like most small to medium business, the IT infrastructure, without any real planning, has been built up and maintained as needed in stages over the years.

If somethings breaks you attempt to repair. If parts are not available you replace.

This is commonly referred to as a reactive or break fix in the IT world.. The obvious downside to the reactive approach is downtime while things are broken and the unknown cost associated with diagnosis and repair. This means you lose business productivity in most ases. 

  • IT Acquisition

  • IT Installation

  • IT Office Relocation

  • Cloud Integration & Migration

Cloud computing platform and services, accepted or not is upon us in a big way. Utilising the power of large organisations server farms and data centres allows everyday businesses to utilise scale-able, secure cloud based servers to do everyday IT tasks seamlessly. No longer is there the need to manage faulty hard disks, server power supplies, server room cooling or even worry about power consumption of machines running 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

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Other Versions

Here at Baintek we offer a complete range of solutions for you including affordable, beautiful and functional new website design and old website refreshment. 

Whether you are needing an ECommerce store or a basic site, we offer a range of affordable website design services including monthly maintenance plans.

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