IT Solutions

  • There are a number of hazards put data at risk. Possible hardware failure, software corruption, hard drive read instability, human error and natural disasters.

  • Requiring and implementing a business development solution entirely depends on what goals you have for the business.

  • If you have put together your IT plan  without any real planning or if your IT infrastructure has been built up and maintained as needed in stages over the years.

  • IT infrastructure is composite hardware, software, network resources and services required for the existence, operation and management of an enterprise.

  • Cloud computing platform and services, accepted or not is upon us in a big way.  Utilize scaleable, secure cloud-based servers to do every day IT tasks seamlessly.

  • Get an instant quote on what your monthly IT support spend will be with our Online IT instant calculator.

  • Here at Baintek we offer a complete range of solutions for you including affordable, beautiful and functional new website design and old website refreshment. 


Protects Your Business

As Service providers with an objective to deliver tailored services to our esteemed client, we ensure that we provide customised solutions to your diverse needs. Customisable IT infrastructure, customisable cloud support and more is what you get.

Beauty is not all it takes for efficiency. As much as we love that splendours of aesthetics, we are beyond that. Our IT solutions, services and support system are responsive to queries and data searches.

We have a team of highly trained professionals from various fields in the Business IT world. We understand what it takes to build a sustainable business. Our departments handle different IT issues individually, with the most capable hands always ready to help.

Baintek IT Solutions

Based in Perth, our aim is to provide you flexible best practice Managed IT Solutions, in an agreed timeframe for small to medium businesses at reasonable pricing.  Contact us today with your IT query.  We look forward to meeting you.

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