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Business Continuity Protect

Backup and Disaster Recovery is arguably the most important solution to be implemented within your IT environment. The unfortunate reality is that more often than not,  like an insurance policy, people only think about it after an incidents occur. Like an insurance policy, if you don't have the right cover, the the policy (or in this case the solutions) could be useless. Baintek have taken the hard work out of understanding how Backup and DR should work, bundled these terms into a new product and called it Business Continuity Protect. Learn more about how we provide a single solution, with functionality at the forefront of modern technology thats easy to understand and most importantly can ensure your business keeps running when a major IT threat or incident takes place.  Don't be another statistic that allows these rarely talked about concerns which sit on most business owner minds never be actioned until too late. Business Rely on Data, Business is Data. Think Business Continuity Protect to ensure your data is safe.

Server Protect

Baintek Server Protect ensures the core of most business networks, the server environment, is fully monitored 24/7 for potential hardware and software issues. Main features include an intelligent 24/7 on-guard anti malware solution, maintained operating system including application security patching,  general maintenance tasks and asset management including warranty expiration awareness. With live reporting via our installed Baintek Protect agent, these tasks are fully managed via our centralised monitoring application to ensure a Pro-Active approach for the best possible uptime possible. 

Web Protect

Baintek Web Protect is an all in one, centrally managed safe web browsing filtering system. It works by monitoring internet web browsing requests by passing them through a specialised cloud hosted firewall which allows granular white and blacklisting of internet traffic within your office. With dynamic updates in real time, Web Protect is as always up to date to limit unintentional (or intentional) web traffic to unauthorised websites. Websites can be blocked and unblocked at management discretion, over riding the automatic rules. In this day and age of sophisticated malware and website spoofing, you need a dynamic, realtime web monitoring product. Baintek Web Protect is your answer.

Workstation Protect

Baintek Workstation Protect ensures the main tools in a modern office, the workstations, are monitored via a centralised monitoring application to proactively ensure issues are caught before they become major downtime. With maintenance and monitoring features catered for workstations, you can be assured best possible uptime and more importantly, staff can be confident in their workstation to perform their tasks efficiently.

Threat Protect

Baintek Threat Protect is our Antivirus / Antimalware / Ransomware cloud based solution that protects your Servers and Workstations in realtime. It works by monitoring internet web browsing requests, file downloads and effectively all data on the endpoint by scanning the File HASH and comparing in realtime the HASH details against all known threats currently circulating the Web. Because the software is updated in realtime, even threats an hour old have been caught in the past by our solution. When this product is combined with our managed Solutions Product all endpoint threat detections are monitored on a central pane of glass for complete visibilty of all your business endpoint threat activity and actioned accordingly.

Baintek IT Solutions
Baintek IT Solutions
Baintek IT Solutions

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